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French Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2019/2020 | How to Apply

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French Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2019/2020.

French Army Recruitment for Foreigners

The only method of joining the French Army (in EUROPE) and play the door of 1 of the Foreign Legion recruiting centers (once you’re in, free accommodation, food and covering square measure forthwith provided by the Legion).

French Army Recruitment for Foreigners

Note: There is NO alternative WAY! No on-line applications, no letters of invitation, no French embassy’s documents square measure providing to hitch the French legion. Bear this in mind.


Requirements to Join French Army

  • Applicants from one in every of the countries of the SCHENGEN space within the European Union area unit needed to provide associate positive identification or a sound passport.
  • Applicants from countries outside the SCHENGEN space area unit needed to provide a sound passport (only).
  • No college degree needed.
  • Applicants have to be compelled to knowledge to browse and write in their first language.
  • Applicants ought to be a minimum of seventeen ½ years and fewer than thirty-nine ½ years on the day they report at the knowledge table.
  • Applicants ought to manufacture any helpful supporting documents: residence allow, driver’s licence, photocopy of family record, certificate of wedding, certificate of divorce, credentials, etc…)


On the day you report at the Foreign Legion’s info table, you ought to be declared medically acceptable take the desired physical ability tests.

You should be declared physically acceptable serve all told places and weather, while not restriction.

Your “Body Mass Index” (BMI) ought to vary between twenty and thirty kg/m² (BMI = Weight/Size ²) *

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Example:  BMI of a person with a height of one.75 m (5ft9) and weight of 72kg (158.7 lbs).

BMI = 72kg/(1.75m*1.75m) = 23.5 kg/m ².


In order to facilitate body procedures, please manufacture the subsequent documents once applying:


  • A complete credentials obtained over the past six months
  • JAPD (Day of decision of preparation with defense) or JDC (Day defense and citizenship) certificate
  • DSS (Descriptive State and Services) service record for those candidates United Nations agency served antecedently within the French soldiers.


A valid birth certificate with filiations obtained but six months before (ideally multilingual).

How to be a part of French Army?

  • The legion solely recruits candidates really coverage at associate info table (PILE) or at a pre-selection center (CP) situated in Metropolitan France.
  • Accommodation and food area unit free throughout the full choice method.
  • The legion doesn’t facilitate anybody steps taken by candidates to get a visa or a residence allow in France (for a lot of info, click on the link below).

Login to check requirements to join French Army

Practical Information

To sign up, you merely have to be compelled to visit a Florida info table (PILE) or to a pre-selection center (CP)

Candidates who are below 18 years are mandated to provide the subsequently listed:

  • “Parents’ consent” written and signed by each oldsters or the applicant’s legal guardian(s).
  • If one or each oldsters of the individual area unit deceased, the acceptable death certificate(s) ought to be created.
  • Foreign candidates but eighteen years ancient ought to have all necessary documents translated into French by associate approved French translator.
  • If these candidates are not any longer below their parents’ custody, they ought to manufacture the acceptable certificates.
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Schengen Area(as of Jan 1, 201)

  • Germany – Austria – Belgium – Denmark – Kingdom of Spain – Baltic State – European country – France – Balkan nation – Republic of Hungary – Italian Republic – Baltic State – European country – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – European nation – Poland – European nation – Czech Republic – European country – Slovenija – Sweden.
  • Countries that will become a part of the Schengen Area: Romania and Bulgaria. To date, candidates from each of these countries still have to be compelled to manufacture passports.
  • Associated member countries: N.Ireland Iceland – Norway – the U.K – Schweiz. Candidates from these countries can solely be needed to provide associate positive identification.


Things to bring on

Mandatory Items

  • A pair of trainers
  • Three sets of underclothing (3 underclothing things – three tee-shirts – 3 pairs of socks)
  • Toilet bag (soap/shower gel – shaver and soapsuds – shower towel – shower slippers)
  • Cash: 50€ most

Unnecessary Items:

  • “Walkmen”or all sorts audio/video players
  • Credit cards
  • Jewels and valuables

Prohibited Items

  • All sorts of weapons (knives included)
  • Vehicle keys (car, motor bike keys, etc…)
  • House keys.

Contract length

  • The length of initial contract with the legion is five years (non-negotiable).
  • At the tip of the primary contract, the “legionnaire” can have the choice to settle on between contracts variable in length (from half-dozen months to five years) to pursue his career.


Example of wages (given as associate indication)

During your initial years as a legionnaire and till you get the rank of corporal (i.e. a pair of to four years), you’re equipped, fed and accommodated freed from charge.

  • Starting internet salary: 1280 € per month (excluding insurance fees)
  • Vacation: forty five operating days annually.
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Other compensations area unit additional to basic treatment:

  • On-field coaching sessions
  • External Missions
  • Airborne mission allowances (airborne regiment)
  • etc…

Careers on the Market in French Army

Any legionnaire will build a career not on college diplomas or skilled or civilian qualifications, however by taking military or technical examinations throughout his service. If you have got smart potential, if you’re intended, arduous operating and heavy, the subsequent careers area unit doable.

Combat Specialities

  • sniper
  • tank driver
  • paratrooper
  • sapper
  • machine gunner
  • anti-tank launcher
  • armoured vehicle driver
  • and other…


  • secretary
  • accountant
  • data-processing support
  • computer support
  • and other…


  • radio operator
  • radio mechanic
  • telephone exchange operator
  • and other…


  • light vehicle driver
  • truck driver
  • articulated trucker
  • bus driver
  • dredge driver
  • and other…


  • mechanic
  • electrician
  • welder
  • painter
  • small arms knowledgeable
  • and other…


  • paramedic
  • data process specialist
  • physical education educator
  • graphic designer
  • musician
  • photographer
  • cook
  • and other…

25% of legionnaires can become the non-commissioned officers (N.C.O.).

All NCOs in the Legion started as easy legionnaires (except for some NCOs from the French Army, assigned to some regiments as well-trained specialists).

10% of Legion officers started their career as easy legionnaires and emotional through the ranks.

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